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Do you know what type of organizational, business or personal website you need?
Do you know how much a website should cost just by looking at one, or what software you might need to run and maintain that particular site? Answering questions like these all day can be very tedious but often, a necessity-of-life on the web.

The Internet comes down to one thing, communication with others. How we look, walk, talk and present our ideas, may not mean anything to you but could mean a world of difference to who it is that you are communicating to.

Website types

Blog sites
This is a smaller version of a content site. You’ve probably visited many of these. The distinguishing feature of blog sites is the way content is added chronologically.
CMS sites
A CMS (Content Management System) site is just what the name implies. It is a site filled with content. Example content sites include news sites, article sites, how to sites. Many content sites offer visitors various ways to interact with the site. You could comments on their articles, for example, or rate them and cast your votes. A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface. Such systems of content management provide procedures to manage workflow in a collaborative environment.
Ecommerce sites
This site consists mainly of a shopping cart that showcases products. The most popular ecommerce site on the internet? You guessed it – Amazon.com.
Forum sites
A forum site can be used as place where groups of users can ask find answers to questions by communicating by posts. These types of sites really come in handy and make great focus groups.
Micro sites
This type of site usually consists of one or two web pages. It is used to create landing pages, opt in pages and sales letter type pages
Mini Sites
A mini site has slightly more pages that a micro site, usually around five pages. This type of site is commonly used by small businesses to build an online presence. The site normally includes a homepage, a page about your services and products, a contact page, with optional pages for pricing or rates page. These are also commonly known as 'brochure type' websites.
Social Networks
There are all types of Social Networks that you can join on your own, but you can also run your own private network. This is perfect for organizations, private entities and companies that want to have full access to creating their own social environment for visitors. Contact us to learn more about the different alternatives for social networks.
Social sites
Let us create your very own Social website! Allow users to interact with eachother, complete with ads, micro-purchasing, and more. Perfect for leagues, organizations and institutions of any type.

Website Examples

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